Family Tree of Kalutarawedage Lenora de Fonseka
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Merennage Caranelis Fernando married Kalutarawedage Lenora de Fonseka.

'Ge' names (indicated by the first initial) as used in this Family Tree:

M. - Merennage.
P.  - Ponnahennadige.
T.  - Telge.


Family Group Photograph:
Family picture of Merennage Dickman Fernando family taken in 1954.
Photograph of Stud belonging to Dr. C. K. Fernando, USA:
This photo of a stud appeared in the Illinois Thorughbred Magazine in 1987. Dr. C. K. owned a string of race horses from Mireabeau, Kandyan Dancer, Mount Lavinia, Cinamon Gardens, Adam's Peak to name a few. Dr, C. K. raced under the colors Green and Gold, the same colors as the late ELF de Soysa.

Family research provided by Manora Weerasuriya and Indra Puvimanasinghe.